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Found my new yoga home!

Last year, I tried out and liked a Community Yoga class for only $5 in Davis Square (Somerville), but they are now called Samara Yoga and don’t have that dirt-cheap weekly class anymore. It still sounds like a cool place, and I’d probably go back if I lived in the neighborhood:

But since I also wanted to find something a little closer to home, I started poking around and stumbled on some reviews of this place in Huron Village, my favorite neighborhood in Cambridge:

So I went there and tried out the Hatha for Women class, and holy cow, was it amazing! Soni, the studio’s owner, was the teacher, and she was there to meet and greet the students, including me and one or two other first-timers. They recommend on their website that you get there early, both for the parking situation, and because they actually close the doors before class starts so it’s not disruptive to those on time, and I was glad I had followed the advice, so I had some time to settle in and pick a good spot.

They loan out mats, blocks, straps, and blankets, and there is beautiful hardwood flooring, low lighting, and a very subtle scent of incense in the background. One of the reviewers mentioned that they designed the space without the typical huge mirror, and I have to agree that although it had seemed odd at first, I was totally fine without it. It was good to concentrate on feeling instead of seeing the poses.

I’ve done a fair bit of yoga at home, and some in classes, and I was pleased to feel like I actually got a real workout, both for body and mind. Granted, it was like 90 degrees on the evening I took the class, but it broke a sweat on me, and I ┬áhardly ever sweat. At the same time, it was also relaxing and refreshing, so it was the perfect match for me.

Soni has a radiant smile and demeanor, and is an excellent teacher. I will definitely be taking a class there again. Now to find a babysitter …

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  1. kiperoo says:

    Just a quick update: I’ve been to Soni Yoga several more times since my initial post, and I still absolutely love it there. I’ve tried a couple of other classes, but Hatha for Women is definitely my favorite – a great workout!

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