It’s Monday! It’s May! It’s #Wipmadness!

Welcome to the spur-of-the-moment continuation of the fantastic writing challenge that Denise Jaden started in March!

Denise and her awesome writing buds Angelina Hansen, Shana Silver, Shari Green, and Craig Pirrall kept a bunch of us motivated with daily posts as we slogged through new drafts, revisions, or related writing and reading goals that we set at the beginning of the month. They also offered up some fantastic prizes at the end, and boy, was I thrilled to win mine (wheee!).

In April, Denise continued with Monday checkins on her blog, but it’s time to give her a break and pass the torch. I know it’s late in the day on Monday, but consider this the first checkin for May! What are your goals for #wipmadness this month?


See you all here next week! Happy Monday and good writing vibes to all!


0 thoughts on “It’s Monday! It’s May! It’s #Wipmadness!

  1. Thanks Kip!

    My goal is to finally get this proposal in shape, and complete my revisions once I get them from my editor.

    I meant to start on my synopsis today, but it’s Monday and I didn’t have the gonads for it. I did work my way through chapter one though!

  2. Thanks for hosting, Kip! I need some accountability.
    This month I plan to:

    * re-read three of my favorite books on craft to remind me of what I’m doing.

    *outline the story I’m halfway into so I know what I’m doing

    *work on that story again once I know what I’m doing.

  3. Jeanne Ryan says:

    Thanks for being the new party hostess, Kiperoo! For May, I’m:

    * Polishing up one ms till my agent says it’s ready for sub.

    * Adding 15K to the newest WIP so that it’s at 25K at the end of the month.

    That should keep me busy.

    Good luck with goals, everyone!

  4. JRo says:

    Yay Kip! Just saw this tweet. My May goal is a one time back through (the quick one) of my recently finished draft (like yesterday) so I can share with my crit group and select betas. Also some research for my summer project which I can only describe as National Velvet meets Mad Max. A totally different sort of thing for me

    Thanks for hosting!.

  5. My May goal is not to die while waiting for my editorial letter.
    Goal status: not dead.

    Also, I’d like to put 26K onto the work in progress, bringing it to 65K. I did 1000 words today! So I get a STICKER!

  6. kiperoo says:

    Wow, everyone has such awesome goals! Especially not dying while waiting, LOL. Cheers to all that we can all accomplish what we’re shooting for in May!

  7. I’m just wondering if anyone in this group is interested in swapping a full? Just as a warning, my YA has a LGBT theme, including romance. Realize that’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

    I’m thinking the end of this month I’ll be ready for another set of eyes or two. I’ve had one person read it as I wrote, so have some initial feedback that I’ll be working from, plus my own writerly tics to get rid of.

    I also have some time now, my crit group has been really slow of late and my writing class is over until July, if anyone needs another set of eyes.

  8. I have come to kickstart a WIP with WIPMadness, so as to distract myself from waiting for feedback from my agent on the ms I just gave her.

    I’d like to pass 20,000 kilowords on something new by the end of this month. (Oh, and finish outlining something else.)

  9. Hi. Thanks for hosting!

    My teaching commitments end this month, so I’m determined to increase my WIP output from one chapter to two per week, plus wrap up and submit three short stories.

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