What’s Up Wednesday? Week 5!

Time for another Ready. Set. WRITE! post for this summer’s blog hop on Wednesdays. It’s not to late to sign up! And you can find this week’s linky list of all the writers involved here.
This has been a great week for me to participate. Today marks the last day of a four-day writers’ retreat on Lake Champlain, and it has been an amazing mix of hard-fought struggling and brainstorming leading to a (hopefully) triumphant revision, as well as a chance to read, socialize, and relax with a group of fabulous authors.
What I’m Writing:
I set aside my outline for my huge project I’m planning to rewrite this fall to go back and revise my YA sci-fi at the retreat this week, and I’m pretty sure I’ve finally nailed my first 50 pages. My beta-readers will tell me for sure of course, but this is a huge head-start for me–I don’t get this sort of time to work so intensively at home–so I’m confident that I can continue with the rest when I return.
What I’m Reading:
I’m still struggling a bit with SERENA, but I’m willing to stick with it for a bit longer. I really love the setting and the characters, but it’s definitely a bit slower-paced than what I’m used to. Still, I think it’s worth it.
Last week I read SURFACING by Nora Raleigh Baskins. The cover and blurb totally drew me in, and it really delivered with a dark, haunting story, complete with a dark, haunting ending. I wanted to smack the main character at times, but she was so realistic that she totally jumped off the page.
Here at the retreat, we had a reading last night, with each of us sharing a three-minutes WIP snippet, and I already can’t wait to read some of these books–both from established authors reading from work under contract to newer writers looking for agents for their work. Totally top-notch.
What Inspires Me:
This week, it was all about the retreat, so I’ll share a photo I posted on twitter this morning that pretty much says it all.
 What Else I’ve Been Up To:
Before I left for the retreat, I camped out in my backyard with my girls. We didn’t get much sleep, but we cooked outside, read by flashlight, and just had a lot of fun. We’ll have to do it again later this summer!

23 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday? Week 5!

  1. Alison Miller says:

    That picture is awesome! It sounds like you had a fabulous and productive time! Also, the camping excursion in the backyard sounds fun too. Maybe I can persuade my kids to do this. Hmmm.

    Yay for those first 50! I hope you have a wonderful writing week!

  2. Your summer sounds like it’s off to a fabulous start. I love the bit about camping in the backyard, reading by flashlight has just been added to my list of things to do. 😀

  3. It looks so pretty there. A writing retreat sounds like a lot of fun! I would love to go on one of those one day. Congrats on those 50 pages! Good luck with your writing goals! Have a great weekend!

  4. That writing retreat sounds fantastic! And that’s wonderful that you were able to get that beginning down. Good luck on your writing this week!

    • kiperoo says:

      Thank you! Beginnings kind of kill me, so even though I spent way too much time on it, it was definitely worth it. 🙂

  5. That looks like a beautiful spot for a writing retreat. And so peaceful too. I think sometimes it’s good to set aside a story that you’re working on to spend time working on something else for a bit. Fresh eyes are always a good thing when it comes to writing. Sounds like you’re getting some serious work done! It’s especially good that it’s on the first pages. They’re so hard to get right! 🙂

    • kiperoo says:

      I totally agree about the fresh eyes. I’m glad I have a couple of projects at the moment, that’s for sure. I miss my retreat spot already!

  6. Colin says:

    Congrats on nailing the first 50 pages, Kip. That’s significant. Those first pages are, IMO, the hardest. Especially with a first novel, when you’re trying to draw the reader into the story and connect with the characters. All the best with the rest of it! 🙂

  7. Wow that picture looks simply inspiring, calming and perfect for a retreat! And YES for those first 50 pages! Those are tough ones to nail 🙂

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