Published Work


One Last Shot (Versify, 2023)

The Most Dazzling Girl in Berlin (Versify, 2022)

White Rose (Versify, 2019)


White Rose Outtakes (YARN, 2019)

Car 393 (Lunch Ticket, 2017)

Dancer, Orpheus, Rilke (Black Fox Literary Magazine, 2017)

Essays, Podcasts, and Reviews

Forward! Don’t Forget! Review of Kuhle Wampe (Weimar Film Network, 2021)

The Devil’s in the Details (Pop Goes the Reader, 2019)

History Lessons: How Authentic Teens from the Past Hook Today’s Readers (#MSWL, 2019)

Her Story: Ladies in Literature with Kip Wilson (Pop Goes the Reader, 2018)

Banana Yoshimoto: Not Alone in This World (Literary Mothers, 2014)


Tennis, Anyone? (Little Fox, 2016)

Flight 6300 (WOW! Women on Writing, 2016)

The Taste Buddies (Compass Media Rainbow Readers, 2013)

The Pond Market (Compass Media Rainbow Readers, 2013)

The Inquiry Club’s Big Project (Compass Media Rainbow Readers, 2013)

Becoming Beethoven (Compass Media Rainbow Readers, 2013)

The Adventures of Jack the Giant Killer (Compass Media Rainbow Readers, 2013)

And the Nightingale Sang (TIMELESS anthology, 2012)

Un Bocata de Calamares (SPAIN FROM A BACKPACK anthology, 2006)


Take a Look at Thai (FACES magazine, 2012)

From Arabic to Zulu (FACES magazine, 2011)

Filipino or Tagalog? (FACES magazine, 2011)

Parlez-vous Francais? (FACES magazine, 2010)

Krampus: The Anti-Claus (FACES magazine, 2009)

Sprekt U Nederlands? (FACES magazine, 2009)

Multilingual Switzerland (FACES magazine, 2008)

Vinnie Ream: The Girl Who Sculpted Lincoln (COBBLESTONE magazine, 2008)

Edmonia Lewis: An American Sculptor (COBBLESTONE magazine, 2008)

The Many Languages of Spain (FACES magazine, 2007)

Dropping in on Normandy (COBBLESTONE magazine, 2007)

Silent Gliders (COBBLESTONE magazine, 2007)

Setting the Stage: Preparations for Yorktown (COBBLESTONE magazine, 2006)

The White Rose: Germans Against Hitler (LEARNING THROUGH HISTORY magazine, 2006)

Nature Lovers Welcome (TRANSITIONS ABROAD magazine, 2006)

Gene Kelly: Tough Guy or Dancer? (APPLESEEDS magazine, 2004)

Force and Love in the Works of Rainer Maria Rilke (Doctoral Dissertation, 1999)