Week Five Check-in

The last day of May has rolled in, so time to take stock of #wipmadness progress! How did everyone do? Are you happy with where you ended up against your goals? Congrats to every single one of you for sticking with it!

As I mentioned last week, the theme this week is finishing. My question for you all is when do you declare your manuscript done? Do you have a trusted critique partner who tells you to send it? Do you have a set round of revisions or a checklist Β to pass your manuscript through? Do you reach a certain point when you know in your gut that it’s ready?

Because there’s that point, right? When you’re pretty sure you’ve done all the right things: multiple several rounds of revision, hiding the manuscript in the drawer, more critique, more revision, SEND!

And then, crap. Comments from someone else reveal the major work still needed.


So you do it all again, and again (and most probably, again). Desperately seeking perfection. I hope we all find it!

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  1. I go through many rounds of revisions and also have critique partners go through the manuscript too. When I feel like it’s ready, I’ll send it to my agent. Of course, I know I’ll have more revisions to do after that. πŸ™‚

  2. Finished my third draft of my wip! Yay!
    But still a lot farther to go until I’m actually finished.
    I think for me I know I’m done when there are no niggling questions left. I keep a document while I’m writing where I type up every worry that occurs to me, every setting or character detail that’s inconsistent, every word that doesn’t feel quite right. Then as I revise I go through the list. Some days I add more than I cross off. But eventually I hit a point where every single thing is crossed off. Then there’s betas and more work, and so on… but eventually there’s nothing left to add to the list. Then I know it’s done. At least for the moment. =)

  3. Week two of my WIP and I’m having so much fun again! I came out with 500 extra words for the weekly goal without having to fight for them:-)

    As to when I feel a manuscript is done. At least three rounds through on my own, then beta readers and subsequent changes, then several rounds of revision with my agent. It’s a good thing I love revising.

    I’d be happy to host WIP madness Check-In. It could be in conjunction with my new Monday blog feature, “Partners on the Path”. BTW, please stop by and check out the first post and comment to win a surprise book. http://bit.ly/iEASw3

    Next week I’ll have our lovely Kip visiting!

    Have a great week everyone!

  4. How do you know you’re done? That’s a good question. Recently, it seems like when I start hating the entire manuscript and can’t look at it for a second longer, then it’s done. πŸ™‚

  5. I especially love it when one of my critique partners says the exact opposite the other. What to do? Usually, I find a totally different way to manage the change. Something’s wrong in that spot or it wouldn’t have been the focus of their comments.

  6. I seem to never be done. But it always helps me to put the book aside and pull it back out again. I also like to jump in the middle of the book and really strengthen a random scene. That’s always so fun to me.

  7. Yep. That totally happened to me with my 2nd MS. Got comments in–amazing comments, pointing out a bunch of things I’d never thought of before– after I sent a R&R to an agent. DOH!

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