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Erin Bow (author of the fantastic YA novel PLAIN KATE) asked a great question in the #wipmadness check-in on her blog this week:

The question: “Anyone else have visual keep-on-track tools they want to share?”

Erin included photos of her wicked cool calendar complete with stickers, and index cards with edits to do.

I do something similar, but with slightly different media. I also use a calendar, but mine is a small moleskine, and I also keep track of to-dos and even scribble down plot brainstorms and work through plot problems in my slightly larger moleskine notebook.

Everything needs to be small and portable to me because we live in a tiny apartment where I have no desk and no real writing space to call my own. I write on a small netbook computer, which I take with me along with my small notebook and tiny calendar to any part of the apartment or out into the world if it seems I might get a chance to get any work done. Works for me!

What about you? Any other visual tools that help you with your writing?

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  1. I use a calendar and a document of almost obnoxious chapter summaries. (Obnoxious because I have to plan everything–not that I always follow it.) But I also write myself notes in the summaries so I know what to revise or alter later.

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