Twofer Tuesday: Giveaway Edition!

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Twofer Tuesday shout-out to some of my favorite reads, so this week’s includes a giveaway of both books!
This summer, I read two YA debuts that I loved and want to share with other readers.
ONE, TWO, THREE by Elodie Nowadazkij is a contemporary novel with equal parts of ballet, romance, and friendship. I first read a draft of this novel when it was a wee baby, and I can’t even begin to express how impressed I am with the final product. Elodie decided to self-publish this book, and spent so much time and effort making it shine. Natalya has to deal with the dark side of dance when she’s plagued by an injury–every dancer’s worst nightmare. This struggle is the perfect counterpoint to Nata’s budding–and difficult–romance with Tonio, a passionate soccer player trying to break free from alcohol. Fans of the performing arts will love this story!

ESSENCE by Lisa Ann O’Kane was published by Strange Chemistry right before they made the decision to shut down operations. I for one was thrilled to be able to at least get the chance to read Autumn’s gripping story as she navigated her futuristic post-cult world by falling into another cult. Mental and physical challenges await Autumn as she learns to slackline (you’ll want to read about this!) and decides whom to trust. A great read for armchair thrill-seekers!

Just comment below to win one of these incredible books. US only, please!¬†Also, these stories¬†are quite different, so if you have a preference, please note which one you’d like in the comments, and I’ll put your name in the appropriate hat. If you’re excited by both, that’s cool, too. Into both hats you go!
As always, happy reading!