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What I’m Writing (and What Inspires Me):

Anyone who knows me knows I’m kind of always writing. I might take a random week off here or there, but for the most part, I get up crazy-early every morning and use that time for drafting, revising, plotting, or the like.

But things are a little weird right now. I’m querying one novel and had outlined a new one I was planning to work on next. Then one of my critique partners tweeted this:


I knew the answer to this question right away–and not because I was thinking about my freshly-outlined new project. It was a bit like standing at the altar with someone who’d recently swept me away and realizing I couldn’t do this, and more than that, realizing that my heart belonged with my one true love, and OH MY GOD, GET ME OUT OF HERE AND OVER THERE NOW!

Nope, it’s neither my new manuscript nor the one I’m querying, but my previous one–my favorite project ever. This one. It’s had a nice long rest, but I’m not content to let it sit in my drawer anymore.

So, goals: I’m planning on taking it slow, setting the manuscript up as a new project in my pal Scrivener and working through the big-picture issues in my outline to start with. There will probably be lots of Thinking, and I’m not planning to do any actual writing on it until the fall, at which point I plan to do a full rewrite from scratch. This definitely won’t be a quick, fun draft, but all I know is that if I could only write one more story, it would be this.


What I’m Reading:

I just finished THE 5TH WAVE, which is every bit as amazeballs as they say, and I’m continuing my Sci-fi kick now with THESE BROKEN STARS. I already know I’ll be diving back into some historicals after this though, since I just ordered BELLE EPOQUE today, and already can’t wait for it!

What Else I’ve Been Doing:

Preschool ended for my small twins last week, so we’ve already had a flurry of zoo visits, swims, walks, and picnics, all interspersed with tons of books, of course. Much more of the same to come for the rest of the summer!

21 thoughts on “Ready. Set. WRITE!

  1. I love Beth Smith’s question. I’m in a similar place–querying something old that I revamped last year, editing/getting critiques on something I finished last year, and writing something new. How would I answer that question? I love them all. Maybe my newest because I’m tackling some pretty heavy topics.

    • kiperoo says:

      I love Beth’s question, too! As you can probably tell. πŸ™‚ In the meantime, so happy you’re loving all your projects!

    • kiperoo says:

      Thank you! This is pretty much the epitome of not being in a hurry to get published, but hopefully it’ll all be worth it in the end. πŸ™‚

  2. I can’t wait to see what you do with GIRL when you go back to it!

    As for the question, I don’t know. I’m very excited about the idea I have for my next MS, but I’m still at the figuring it all out stage. It will probably be a month or two before I really start writing. First I need to get DEXELON out there so it’s off my plate.

    Enjoy summer with your girls!

  3. I love that question, and the fact that it inspired you to go back to a beloved manuscript! The story sounds really cool. Good luck with all of your plans this summer! And yay for Scrivener. πŸ™‚

  4. Alison Miller says:

    That tweet is HEAVY. I honestly think I’d work on the one I’m working on now. So, guess that’s good. And how I miss pre-school days! My babies are SO BIG

  5. That is EXACTLY how I felt about BLOOD OF ISIS. I have so many bright and shiny new ideas, things to work on but in the end I always come back to BOI. I think you have a good plan though, I did the same thing. Set it all up in Scrivener, and acted like it was a completely new story and…it worked! I think I honestly just needed to say goodbye to the old meh parts instead of trying to make them work and start fresh πŸ™‚ good luck! I have faith, that with much perseverance, we’ll both be in the querying trenches with these WIPs soon enough!!!

  6. Belle Epoque sounds so interesting, doesn’t it? I requested it from the library and now I’m waiting in line for it. Can’t wait to read it!

    Thinking is really important! I’m a recovering pantser, so I know what not thinking can do (it’s taken FOREVER to revise the MS I’m about to query). Good luck with your planning and eventual rewrite!

    • kiperoo says:

      Ooooh, BELLE EPOQUE just arrived!

      I’m also a recovering pantser and I’ve really swerved in the other direction now, but it’s definitely better for me this way. Best of luck querying!

  7. Casey carlsen says:

    Glad you re going back to your baby. I haven t writtin in months except for one poem and Dance pieces. Needs to change. Going on a yoga and writing retreat led by my friend sejal next sun. In the finger lakes.

    • kiperoo says:

      Ooooh, that sounds like a great retreat! My writing retreat is coming up soon too! (beginning of July) Have a great time!

  8. ThatΒ΄s definitely inspiring and I remember you talking about this story with so much passion! Best of luck and looking forward to your updates!

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