packing for Spain! (first step: carry-ons)

OK, here we go! Just one more week (and a day, but who’s counting?) until we head off for two weeks in sunny Spain. Well, it’s not super-warm there either this time of year, but it’ll definitely be warmer than here. Anyway, time to get cracking on the packing!

First off, here’s what we’ll need to carry on the plane with us. Next I’ll get to the big suitcases.

  • babies
  • passports
  • KangaKid backpacks (still using these, at 14 months and counting)
  • enough diapers for 24 hours
  • wipes and vaseline
  • ziploc baggies
  • snacks (cheerios, Japanese rice crackers, cookies)
  • bibs
  • sippy cups, bowls, and spoons
  • blankets and stuffed animals
  • pjs and extra change of clothes
  • jackets and hats
  • baby tylenol
  • 2 new books each
  • 2 old books each
  • new toy each
  • old chewing toy each
  • toy keys
  • ziploc with carry-on toiletries
  • grown-up book (wishful thinking)
  • flip video/camera
  • grown-up change of clothes
  • grown-up jackets

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