NESCBWI Conference: Top Ten

The annual NESCBWI conference in the spring is one of my favorite events as a writer. In my post-conference haze, I’ve been mulling over just how awesome it was, so here’s my top ten list!

10. Opportunities to fangirl. How often do you get favorite authors like Grace Lin, Sharon Creech, Nova Ren Suma, and Kate Messner together in one place? Um. It’s pretty cool.

9. Amaaaaazing workshops. There’s so much variety that there’s something for everyone. I absolutely loved Killer First Chapters with Nova Ren Suma and Real Revision with Kate Messner.

8. Great manuscript/query critiques. There’s always a nice full lineup of faculty offering up critiques. Definitely worth it for anyone about to query!

7. Bed-jumping. A new sport to me, but it was highly amusing to watch.


6. Making new friends. I’m definitely going to be stalking some of my classmates from Killer First Chapters to see if they’ll let me read more. 🙂

5. Meeting online friends in real life. This is just so cool, and it was awesome spending time with all of you! Check out Dee’s post for more about this and some fun photos of the gang.

4. The Blue Boarder dinner! Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture, but a bunch of us who frequent Verla Kay’s Blue Board got together for a fun dinner Friday night. Great way to start the conference off with a bunch of laughter and smiles.

3. Meeting and hanging out with Taryn, the one and only Girl With the Green Pen.

2. Getting my entire critique group together in one place. We’ve been working together for eight years now (gulp!) but this was the first time all four of us could get to the same event. 

1. Spending extra time with my CP Monica. Some might refer to her as Minnesota Monica, but to me she’s my Monica. 🙂


13 thoughts on “NESCBWI Conference: Top Ten

  1. writeforapples says:

    I love it, Kip! Although I’d have to argue that had you participated in the bed-jumping, it would have at least been number three. 😉

  2. Ha, your post-conference-post is so much more on point than mine! In addition to meeting some of my favorite authors, it was exciting to meet people who I expect will become some of my favorite authors :). Yay Killer First Chapters!

  3. Kip, that Lit Wits breakfast was one of the highlights of the weekend for me. Funny this is that it didn’t feel like the first time we were all there in person–it felt totally normal. Love you guys. 🙂

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