coming up: Billy Wilder festival

Another one of those scratching-my-head moments: “Aaaah, that name sounds familiar – who was that guy?”

My husband mentions the movie “One-Two-Three” – one of my favorites! and “The Apartment” and others I wanted to see. So I look him up, and, holy cow, was he a somebody!

Elevator biography: Born in Austria-Hungary in 1906, emigrated to the US (family died in Auschwitz), became a great Hollywood director in the 1930s, died in 2002 after a long and amazing career. Credits include:

Ninotchtka (Greta Garbo, with her famous kissing line: “Again …”)

Double Indemnity (co-written with Raymond Chandler, film noir, gotta see this!)

The Lost Weekend (another on my must-see someday list – I’ve gotta get cracking!)

Stalag 17

Some Like it Hot, The Seven Year Itch, Sabrina (good, good, good!)

The Apartment (another to-see!)

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  1. soobeedoo says:

    Ah, Ninotchka! So many great lines, and such a funny movie. Bela Lugosi, too! I could chat for paragraphs on these old films…

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