book review: StarCrossed (Elizabeth Bunce)

StarCrossed is a wonderfully-told story that already has me itching for the sequel. Ms. Bunce pulls the reader directly into Digger’s world with a fantastic voice that never had me doubting anything she told me – although it was certainly helpful to have the glossary in the back!

Digger is a lovable heroine with great weaknesses and a boatload of secrets. She (and Bunce) give us some bones along the way, making for an exciting read, but they also manage to hold some inside until very near the end, where she spills to exactly the right person.

The secondary characters are likewise completely believable and intriguing, each with his or her own set of issues that interact so perfectly with Digger’s. The action leading up to the climax had me turning pages to the exciting and satisfying ending.

Well, almost satisfying. Because all I can say now is: “Pox! Now I have to wait for the sequel!”

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