book review: A Drowned Maiden’s Hair (Laura Amy Schlitz)

One of my favorite things about this tantalizing read is that the subtitle is “A Melodrama.” How cool is that?

The novel follows likeable heroine Maud (an orphan, what could be better?) as she is “rescued” from the orphanage by a trio of scam-artist-old-ladies (no joke), who take her down to their house by the shore, where she is kept captive up in the attic with contact only to the deaf-mute servant (again, no joke).

Maud is the epitome of plucky, and her story strings the reader along until the fairy-tale ending she deserves. And yes, there’s a reason that it’s a melodrama. 🙂

PS The author also wrote the Newberry-award-winning Good Masters! Sweet Ladies!

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