Pay It Forward Giveaway!

When I saw Rachel Russell’s post about how the amazing generosity of the reading/writing community inspired her to launch a monthly Pay It Forward giveaway, I couldn’t wait to join in.
I’ve likewise benefited so much from getting to know other writers: on twitter, your blogs, and the other places we meet, like SCBWI conferences, WriteOnCon, coffee shops–the works!
This first month, I’m offering up a free critique of any/all of the following:

  • pitch
  • query
  • synopsis
  • first chapter

I know as well as all of you how important these pieces are while querying. That, along with your trusty barf bucket, as querying tends to make some of us queasy. I’ll even share my own none-too-clean bucket.
If you’re readying your own bucket for the querying trenches, just comment below. I’ll pick a random winner for the critique package at the end of the day on 9/3!

12 thoughts on “Pay It Forward Giveaway!

  1. Coolio! I can use as many eyes and comments on my query as humanly possible. After a while, I’ve read my query so many times that I think its either horrible or wonderful & I’m not quite sure which one’s right.

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