yummy restaurants in DC

Now that I’ve been there enough times to go to a bunch of places (some multiple times), I think I have a decent list of favorite places to eat in DC:

  • Jaleo (Spanish, Chef José Andres) – delicious traditional tapas as well as some good modern twists, out-of-this-world gazpacho
  • Ping Pong (Chinese, dim sum) – very modern dim sum, much more expensive than your traditional dim sum, but totally worth it
  • La Madeline (French, bakery) – tasty tomato soup, decent croissants (not as good as Clear Flour in Boston of course)
  • Bistro Francais – typical French bistro with service to match, nothing out of this world (not as good as Les Halles in NYC) but quite good
  • Legal Sea Foods – yes, it’s a chain, but when you’re craving your chowda from Boston, here’s where you can get it!

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