Writing Retreat of Dreams!

Road Trip Wednesday is a ‘Blog Carnival,’ where YA Highway’s contributors post a weekly writing- or reading-related question that begs to be answered. In the comments, you can hop from destination to destination and get everybody’s unique take on the topic.
This Week’s Topic:
Describe your dream writing retreat. Where would you go? Who and what would you bring?
This topic is something I think about a LOT. Like many others, I squeeze writing into my daily life, and the idea of a writing retreat conjures up all kinds of images of productivity. Who wouldn’t want a a honeymoon with a WIP instead of a quickie?
Thus a dream retreat for me would really be anywhere that provided stretches of alone-time, plenty of tasty food and caffeinated beverages, and the opportunity for literary discussion, all in an inspiring setting.
The place that best fits the bill for me? Ronda, Spain:

Specifically, I’d choose the HOTEL REINA VICTORIA (http://www.hotelreinavictoria.es/es/hotel-ronda/main), a place that offered the Austrian poet Rainer Maria Rilke the peace and inspiration he needed to write.

I’d bring my laptop of course, a stack of books, and a notebook and pencil for scribbling in the garden. I’d love to have a group of writerly friends along too, for those literary discussions after productive writing sessions. Anyone with me?

15 thoughts on “Writing Retreat of Dreams!

  1. I’ve never been to Spain, but that picture makes me want to go. I’d have to go more than once, though. The first time to check everything out and get the touristy stuff out of the way, and then every time after to do some writing. Great pick 🙂

    • kiperoo says:

      So true! I’m lucky to have a Spanish husband, so we try to get there every year. We’ve only been to Ronda once, but I’d love to go back for a longer stretch. 🙂

  2. Spain is fine, but I prefer it right here in southern France. Perhaps between a chateau and The Med!

    How about having Dorothy Parker and her vicious circle to help facilitate?

  3. JRo says:

    I’d be too tempted to tour about and eat loads of olives and drink red wine – so I’d have to take a vacation first before I could settle into the writing!

  4. This looks beautiful! and stay where Rilke stayed, sounds pretty good to me 🙂
    Oh and I love this sentence: Who wouldn’t want a a honeymoon with a WIP instead of a quickie? lol

  5. My ideal writing place is at home, in my own room, where I do in fact write. If I were in Spain I would be overwhelmed by the novelty of the surroundings. I could write about it, or be inspired by it or any other awesome place. But it would have to wait until I get back home…

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