Week Four Check-in

Hello, #wipmadness writers, and welcome to week 4!

Is this month flying by for everyone, or is it just me? Are you on track to make your goals? Have your goals changed over the month? I’m still on track with mine (finishing my gazillionth revision before sending my manuscript off to beta readers), but it’s definitely taking a lot of hard work.

The theme this week is changing directions. I know some of you have made some bold moves this month, like tossing out thousands of words (Angelina) or deciding that your WIP is going to need a sequel (Erin). I wanted to applaud moves like that this week, because sometimes new directions and changed goals are just what the WIP needs.

So what’s the biggest direction-change you’ve done with a WIP? Were you happy with the results in the end? (unless it’s too early to tell!)

My biggest change was taking a kernel–a teeny-tiny kernel–from my very first WIP and turning it into a brand new, much shinier idea. It was scary because it meant the door to that WIP closed for me, and it was something I had hoped to work on again. But in the end, sometimes the darlings we kill have to be entire manuscripts, and I’m looking forward to getting back into the shiny new version once I finish my current WIP.

See you all back here next Monday for the last check-in of the month, where we’ll have another scary topic for discussion: finishing.

Happy writing!

0 thoughts on “Week Four Check-in

  1. How exciting, Kip. Shiny new ideas are so much fun.

    I have good news this week! Last week I wrote 3600 words on the WIP and I’m relatively happy with the fresh start. I hope to keep up a 3500 week pace which feels right.

    In other news, I’m starting a new feature on my blog. Interviews of not-yet-published MG and YA writers. http://bit.ly/kggmiX I’d love to start with those of you with whom I’m already acquainted. Please pop over!

    From the #wipmadness tweets I’ve seen lots of great progress. Very encouraging.

    • kiperoo says:

      Congrats on the great progress, Angelina! Love the idea of those interviews on your blog–I look forward to reading them.

  2. Kip – you were right about being able to relate to this week’s post after shelving my WIP. But part of writing is knowing when to let go. Good luck with growing your kernel into a fruitful garden!

    Congrats on the 3600 words, Angelina! And with finding a pace that works for you.

    Off to work on my new WIP…

  3. JRo says:

    I didn’t have specific goals this month – but I’m fiddling with my YA almost every day. And I actually wrote 2.5K for a shiny new MG – I just had to get something out of my head and on hard drive. But I’m holding back from gung ho drafting. Need a breather after an intense writing year.

    Biggest change. I thought I was going to kill off one character in my MG but ended up killing his grandmother instead. The character was too awesome too kill.

    Best wishes everyone on making May goals (now my goal is finishing out the school year in one piece!)

    • kiperoo says:

      Ahhhh, yes, breathing space! I agree that it’s such a good idea to take a little time off before going gung-ho on the next idea. But it’s so great you already have a start.

      And since I’ve read that WIP, I am SO glad you changed it the way you did. Great to hear examples where drastic changes have worked well. 🙂

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